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Fleet list

Currently the company operates by 7 cargo ships of ST type at international trade.


Fleet list

Currently the company owns 7 vessels of ST type. 

Motor ships of the type ST are the small-size dry cargo ships of the "river-sea" class, which have one box-shaped cargo hold, with hatch covers, with double sides and double bottom, with superstructure in the fore-part, machine compartment in the aft-part. 

Our vessels have all necessary classification documents and first-class insurance cover. For bunkering vessels used fuel, limiting the negative air emissions. This fuel complies with the new restrictions on the sulfur content, the mass fraction of which must not exceed 0,1%.

Ship's particulars ST type

  Project   R-168/К90
  Place of built
  Bor Shipyard, Nizhny Novgorod region, USSR
  Overall length, m   82,0
  Overall beam, m   12,3
  Draft, m   2,62
  Deadweight, tn   1477,6
  Cargo-carrying capacity, tn   1415
  Cargo holds capacity, m3   2159
  Hold dimensions, m   42,82 х 9,0 x 5,6
  Hatch's dimensions, m   41,3 x 9,1
  Load-distribution on hatch covers,  tn/m2   1,49